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Defamation Suit to test Internet rules

by Administrator on June 17, 2007

Read about it for yourself.  A message board for Ivy Leaguers has become the focal point of a law suit.  Seems some idiots have been posting lewd ad hominem attacks against a female entering Yale law school.  Will this have an impact on the wild west anonymity that has been the center of the blogosphere? 

Meanwhile, I have found the reading on Toasters, the NetApp user forum, amusing of late — one thread in particular.  A fellow is retiring his Network Appliance gear and offered it to anyone who wanted to come get it.  He said he was moving to better, less expensive storage going forward.  This prompted Dan Warmenhoven, CEO of NetApp, to join the discussion and show the guy some love.  Whatever could be the problem, he asked sincerely, that would make a loyal customer leave the family?

I haven’t seen a response from the fellow, but I found it interesting that the CEO of the mighty company would personally engage to try to salvage a failing account.  Curious that.  

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