Scratching My Head

Security is very important.  We should all be more attentive to security.  However, a balance should be struck between security and common sense.

Apparently, in an effort to protect those of us using Office from the security vulnerabilities of files that we created using earlier Office editions, as well as third party software, Microsoft has issued a service patch that eliminates our ability to read those earlier formats.  Hmm.

This comes on the heels of an effective breakdown between Adobe Acrobat and Office 2007 apps that precludes one from sucking an MS output file into Acrobat for distillation into a PDF.  Upgrading to Acrobat 8.1 is supposed to help but keeps crashing everyone’s system.

I thought that we were supposed to be getting better at virus detection, malware detection, etc.  But now it seems like these filtering thingees are simply becoming firing positions for more direct security approaches.  Here’s an illustration of what I mean.


Metaphorical as it is, I think it makes the point.

I am beginning to wonder about Redmond’s thinking.  I am generally supportive of their efforts, but none of my clients, even those using Office 2007, want docs sent to them in the new .docx or Windows XML format — including my editors.  They want me to save in the earlier Office formats before shipping my work to them.  What’s up with that?

Also, it occurs to me that the SP3 thing may actually have been a bug that someone is trying to spin as a security enhancement now.  Or am I just losing my religion?

2 Responses to “Scratching My Head”

  1. jhutchins says:

    Jon: An interesting story will be coming out any day now regarding Dell and it’s newest stoarge guru. If you haven’t heard about it yet, I think the news will shock you.

  2. Pq65 says:

    Analysts becoming vendors…been done before unsuccesfully, I might add.
    Asaro joining dell isn’t what I’d consider shocking.

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