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“Hit a Nerve”

by Administrator on January 30, 2008

My piece on PG&E’s Green Program, providing credits to fund the adoption of greener technologies, apparently hit a chord, according to Jim Powell, my editor at  It has received one of the highest hit counts of any writing I have done for that pub.

I wonder how many vendors — as opposed to consumers — have read the piece?  If I were a vendor, I would be lining up to try to sell PG&E on the green-ness of my product so customers can buy it with PG&E credits.  If enough participate, I am hoping that we might get a bit more useful competitive data about storage gear than we seem to be getting out of Green Grid, et al.

This week’s piece is on ClearView and its integration with Microsoft SharePoint in the area of fixed content archive.  Next week, look for a drill down into CopperEye and its “live archiving” capability for structured (e.g., database) data.

Thanks for reading.

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