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Newsflash: Torch Extinguished en route to SNW

by Administrator on April 8, 2008

The SNIA “networked storage” torch, which is handed from runner to runner en route from SNW Fall to SNW Spring conferences, had to be extinguished today when angry consumer mobs sought to do violence to the runners entering Florida for the latest show.  Protesters complained that networked storage had still not been delivered to the market, despite the obfuscation and bullshit of the vendor community, and said that they were sick and tired of paying $50 to $80K per TB for spinning rust that they could buy for under $300 from Frye’s, CompUSA, CDW or any other disk provider.

SNIA organizers said that the symbolism of SNW — a united vendor community working to solve consumer problems — was far more important than the reality of overpriced, one size fits all storage architectures being provided by most of the vendor members.

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