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DataCore Garnering Big Bucks

by Administrator on May 2, 2008

To all the analysts who counted DataCore Software out back in the late 1990s, it must have come as a big hot poker in the eye when the Ft. Lauderdale, FL company garnered a big investment last week from a couple of respectable venture caps.  George, Ziya and Bettye (who actually runs the place) are smiling like Cheshire cats.

DataCore has been scoring a lot of wins over the past couple of years, having mostly bought out its investors when the Dotcom bubble burst in 2001 timeframe.  They slimmed down their staff and headquarters space and kept their noses to the grindstone creating storage virtualization technology for FC, then iSCSI, then anything else you might have in play.  From our tests, their stuff works very well and pretty much always has.

I like these guys and wish them well with their R&D, which we will dutifully cover here as additional product features and functions are released.

I chuckle when I think of all the Pay-Per-View analysts sucking up to the once-dissed DataCore in the hopes of getting a piece of the latest funding.  (I hope Ziya gets to handle them himself, as he is such a diplomat.)

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han_solo May 2, 2008 at 2:02 pm

If only their stuff was not based on Windows servers…that gives me the heebee geebee’s.

That instantly makes me like Falconstor’ IPStor much better.

mark May 2, 2008 at 3:58 pm

Delighted that George and his merry men and women have seen some serious investment funds. I recognized Datacore’s worth early, and they received an Editor’s Choice citation while I edited CTR. Some companies just shouldn’t be counted out.

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