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Busy Busy

by Administrator on July 15, 2008

Apologies to my readers for the slow posts over the last few days.  My 83-years-young mother is in and out of the hospital.

Plus, we are moving all sites to a new server — and some haven’t moved over with the same ease as  We are sorting out the details. 

Plus, I am knee deep in a project around key management in the MF space.  Seems that a lot of folks are confused about IBM’s Java-based Encryption Key Management (EKM) facility, mistaking it for a comprehensive key management solution for data encryption on tape or disk in that environment.  EKM is more like middleware, a way to handle crypto keys traversing to and from storage platforms when encrypt and decrypt occur.  It is not, as the confusing name suggests, a key lifecycle management solution.  You need additional software for that.  I like CA’s stuff in this space.

I am looking into the relative benefits and drawbacks of providing key management services in the library, in the system layer, or in the application layer.  Feedback from readers is certainly welcome.

Also, I am wrestling with a couple of other issues around storage security, how much and where it is needed.  There is almost as much foo around “data at rest” versus “data in flight” approaches as there is around inband versus out of band.  Good stuff for the forthcoming launch of

We are also redesigning for ease of use and ease of syndication.  Here is a piece of art I created for the site.  Have a look if you want, though things are still in development and there are a few menu options that go nowhere at present.  (Site dev is something I do when I am off the clock from other projects.)

New look for

New look for

We are building out StorageTV to syndicate video more easily and to host the video versions of training courses from Data Management Institute.

Also, we are looking at January/February to hold a conference in Tampa Bay:  the C-4 Summit.  So far, about seven vendors have stated interest in sponsorship, so it can be delivered free of charge to attendees.  I will keep you informed.

C-4 Summit Gaining Sponsors

Be well.

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Chuck July 15, 2008 at 5:31 pm

EKM = Encryption Key Manager, not Enterprise Key Manager. Perhaps that is the source of the confusion.

Administrator July 17, 2008 at 12:07 pm

Sorry, Chuck, my thoughts went ahead of my typing. I meant Encryption Key Manager, not Enterprise Key Manager and have fixed the post. Thanks for the catch.

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