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Time for Some Cheer

by Administrator on February 23, 2009

I think we all need to pause from time to time to cheer ourselves up — especially during this challenging patch.  I generally get all the cheering up I need from this blog and the responses and sidebar emails that it provokes.  Here are a couple of links that came across the transom today that might amuse readers.

First, here is a YouTube about a theoretical SONY product (language warning) that I found amusing.  Not because it has anything to do with Sony, but because it is appropos to so many storage technology “innovations” these days…  CLICK

Second, this link was sent to me by someone who wants to caution us all about screaming at our JBODs.  Nice to know that Sun Microsystems guys may have a future doing video clips at the Onion if they are ever laid off.  CLICK

Had a great chat today with Rob Sims and Anyck Turgeon at Crossroads Systems.  We were trying to get our heads around the challenges for effective data management. 

Still seems to come down to the same thing:  each vendor wants to own it all!  Classifying data and creating a policy-based scheme for management invites warfare among the application and OS vendors.  Trying to apply routes to data runs afoul of proprietary stovepipe vendors (as evidenced by SNIA foo like XAM), and getting the storage infrastructure manageable and talking the same language hits the wall when dealing with vendors who don’t want to make it easy for you to manage their stuff in connection with their competitor’s stuff. 

I needed the laughs above to convince me that all is not lost.


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e2eiod February 25, 2009 at 5:06 am

RE: “trying to get our heads around the challenges for effective data management” ???
What’s the desired solution?
Is it a profit making way to enhance existing ways or the development of newer, better, more coherent and cohesive Information centric ways? Most vendors are beating the Long Tail of Existing Ways to oblivion. Kinda like the media and politics.
The “Long Tail of Existing Ways” is about niches and ultimate, but profitable, oblivion.
Newer, better, more coherent and cohesive Information centric ways is about the tsunami of profit. I don’t expect to see this in my lifetime as the same people are still driving the bus.
If you would like some “Food for Thought” and a “doable” vision invite me down for the next “head wrapping” session.
I will give you the same pitch I gave Crossroads Systems in the 1999-2001 time frame, which they wisely ignored. It was not the right Strategy for them at that time. I was just hoping to get them to put in the Lower Metrics so today they could make a pot of money.
You know what they say, ” Those who can — do. Those who can’t — comment on blogs”. It looks like David Silk at Bycast, Inc. has put in the Lower Metrics on his own. David came up with them on his own as well.
The Lower Metrics is a great idea whose time has been waiting to happen. It is not unique to me. We could have collaborated on the “Holy Grail of Lower Metrics” back in 1999-2001 and been heroes. But you became a hero on your own and I became a blog commenter. Remind you of anything?
Here’s a hint: think of Information as a vector. Once it is a vector it becomes independent of Operating Systems and File Systems. It does require the minimum working Storage environment.
Second hint: think of all Information as unstructured in ad hoc spaces. The amorphous mass is not without meaning, coherence and cohesion. It does have a life and mind of its own.
The Unit of Information is what is important. Not the Unit of Technology. In the real world it is the ROI of the Unit of Information and the TCO of the Unit of Technology and the games people play with them.
How do you make money from the amorphous mass?

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