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Digital Reef Excites…

by Administrator on March 4, 2009

They came out of stealth earlier this week, Digital Reef of Boxborough, MA.  They search and index “unstructured data” as Tony A. likes to call files (ignoring the structure of file systems).  Before you yawn, here is a preview of the column I thought that they merited next week on

  • Deep blue math algorithms that provide spacial context for files, enabling similarity searches with amazing exactitude.
  • Checkpointed indexing so that you don’t crap out when searching.
  • IP grid based clustering on commodity Linux servers and a load balancing function that makes search and index faster the more heads you deploy.
  • Secure access based on numerous strategies including user role.
  • Fully web service enabled.

Might just be the answer to some of the nagging issues I have with cloud-based storage as a service offerings.

Digital Reef is worth a long look, and founder Akers’ blog ain’t half bad either.

Things I am not wild about:

Their website:  light grey on white makes for difficult to read text.  I like the pretty fish pictures though.

Their website:  their value proposition is contextualized largely within the realm of business intelligence and information governance.  Right now, with cost-containment being the number one priority in most companies, I think they should also shoot for stronger messaging, not only around compliance risk, but also cost-savings (by finding dupes that can be deleted), and improved productivity (user productivity tends to improve when they can find shit in the storage junk drawer).

My 2 centavos.

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RonMM3 March 6, 2009 at 5:48 pm

Hope you are enjoying your role in dealing with data management – this made me think of you –

Microsoft put this in an ad in CIO mag as some sort of justification for getting a second chance:

“….When people are exposed to huge numbers, the brain activity tends to shift from interest to boredom. As a result, excess data creates lapses in judgement, cognitive impairment, and, in turn, slow reaction time. ….”

Microsoft is reportedly looking into whether these piles of data can be harmful to business.

If issues like these plague you, you may wish to consult

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