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The Mean Season…Again

by Administrator on July 2, 2009

Just wrote a piece for z/Journal about the two issues on the minds of every IT person in Florida these days — other than job permanency.  They are all talking about power and preparedness.  Power, in the summertime, is a source of woe from a cost, supply and reliability perspective.  Preparedness has to do with the inevitable power outages we will confront, whether as a function of everyone turning on their AC at once or Mother Nature wreaking havoc with us in the form of severe weather events.

After writing the column, I remembered a movie someone had given me that I recommend to everyone:  BombProof.  Ironically, the film, which was a good citizen gesture of Burroughs back in the day, stressed the need to protect data.  Their novel technology solution?  Microfilm.  Check out this link for more info.

I chuckle when I hear most disk array vendors arguing that tape is dead and disk is the best data protection modality going.  Sounds a lot like these guys talking about the permanency and protection afforded to data by microfilm.

Ironies abound.

I am developing a piece on DR requirements now.  Had an interview with ProStor yesterday regarding their InfiniVault product — the one with removable laptop SATA hard disks that they are claiming to be more cost-effective than tape.  Hmm.

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