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Another Cash for Clunkers

by Administrator on November 16, 2009

AutoVirt is taking up the slack created by a couple more vendors exiting the data management and pathing market, NetApp and Brocade.  Here is there release:

AutoVirt Announces Trade-In Program for Brocade StorageX and NetApp VFM Product Suites
StorageX and VFM Customers Offered 50% Discount off AutoVirt Perpetual Software Licenses and One Year Free AutoVirt Support

Nashua, NH (November 10, 2009) – AutoVirt™, Inc., the leading provider of management software for unstructured data on Windows networks, today announced the launch of a Trade-In Program for customers of Brocade’s StorageX and NetApp’s VFM file management products, which are now scheduled for end-of-life. Customers that wish to replace their current StorageX or VFM products will receive a 50% discount off an AutoVirt software perpetual license and one year of free product support. This offer applies to any of Brocade’s StorageX, File Lifecycle Manager (FLM), MyView, and File Management Engine (FME) products, as well as versions of those products offered by resellers, including the NetApp Virtual File Manager (VFM) product suite, IBM StorageX, and Hitachi StorageX.

“Hundreds of IT organizations around the globe are being impacted by Brocade’s decision to end-of-life their file data virtualization and management solutions,” said Josh Klein, President and CEO, AutoVirt. “AutoVirt’s StorageX Trade-In Program was created in response to the many inquiries we’ve received from StorageX and VFM customers looking for a replacement solution. AutoVirt delivers an incredibly easy transition process that requires no changes to UNC path names and will not disrupt end-users. Furthermore, customers feel the platform is functionally superior to StorageX, and we are offering it to trade-in customers at a price point that makes the ROI instantaneous.”

The IT organizations that have made the strategic decision to implement file virtualization and unstructured data management solutions have done so for a host of reasons, including:

• Migrating data and managing growth in distributed storage environments
• Increasing utilization of distributed storage
• Reducing data management complexity
• Maintaining high availability (HA), disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity

Unfortunately, those companies that chose StorageX or its rebranded versions are now faced with the termination of this file management product line. As a result of the product’s end-of-life, Brocade has stopped developing and distributing new feature releases and upgrades. In addition, customers will see annual maintenance costs rise 10% each year until support is completely discontinued in 2012.

“Of the hundreds of IT organizations I consult with on a regular basis, unstructured file data is a rapidly escalating management problem,” said Marc Staimer, Founder and President, Dragon Slayer Consulting. “AutoVirt offers a cost effective intuitive solution to this troubling issue.”

Customers interested in learning more about AutoVirt’s StorageX Trade-In Program should visit:, where they can also find a link to Brocade’s original end-of-life announcement.

I would also encourage folks to look at Novell Storage Manager (NSM) and some of the products from Crossroads Systems.  And, isn’t this a cautionary tale we should be considering as we examine some of Cisco’s woo in the hardware-centric data management space?

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Administrator November 19, 2009 at 2:06 pm

Just submitted via e-mail (and by the way, guys, just register and you can post your own stuff):

Hi John.
Like everyone else in the data management game, we’re big fans of

I saw your last post on the AutoVirt announcement “Another Cash For Clunkers”, and we decided to do our own little promo for Brocade File Insight users. We’re calling it the “Bring Out Your Dead” program. Basically we’re offering 100% off Aprigo NINJA for users of Brocade File Insight (the offer also applies to anyone with a pulse). Since NINJA is free, it’s a pretty easy discount for us to give.

We even slapped together a press release:
I thought you might find it interesting/entertaining.


Nathan Burke

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