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Active Archive Alliance Formed

by Administrator on April 27, 2010

A quick note here, as I am up to my ears in work right now.  Spectra Logic, FileTek, QStar and a few others have launched an effort today called the Active Archive Alliance.  Here’s the email I just got, reminding me that I can now talk about this effort, which has been in development for a couple of months now.

Leading technology vendors today announced the formation of the Active Archive Alliance , whose goal is to bring data archives online to promote simplified access to vast volumes of data. Organizations increasingly store more data in archives and, as a result, the challenges of indexing, querying and retrieving that data quickly, simply and efficiently has intensified. Active archive solutions resolve these issues by turning offline archives into visible, accessible extensions of online file and storage systems. Having simple, persistent access to archived data allows organizations to mine this information and gain valuable insight based on all the institutional knowledge available.

I will be participating in a joint webcast on May 4 to help contextualize the need for and value of active archiving.  I hope that this new initiative will work together with our own and to get user perspectives to guide their strategies.  The companies involved are all well intentioned, but as I know well, it is easy for the idea of effective, granular archive — keyed to an understanding of data itself — to be hijacked by folks wishing to sell data movers or data repository platforms.  I would really like to see the Novell guys involved in this, and perhaps the BridgeHead Software folks and Digital Reef.  Seems like a natural for FujiFilm as well.

To me, archive means classifying data, moving data by class-focused policy to appropriate long term (and green) storage repositories.  More later.

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