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My Latest Column for Storage Magazine (Netherlands)

by Administrator on September 23, 2010

Just got the link.  Now watch the Twitterverse go crazy with the Toigo-must-be-in-bed-with-Xiotech back biting.  (I am, for the record, not in bed with anyone but Mrs. Toigo, and possibly some bed bugs.  Ouch.)

In case you haven’t seen them, SPC-1 Numbers were just released for ISE/EMPRISE rig.  I think they have to be peer reviewed, then I will be interested to see them juxtaposed with competitor numbers in the SPC-1 spreadsheet.

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josephmartins September 23, 2010 at 2:12 pm

Jon, it’s your opinion. Frankly, I’m glad you don’t care about what others might say. Neither do I. You should never feel the need to compromise your opinion simply to appease those who choose to believe you’re somehow biased one way or another. We will never change their perception.

I have far more respect for someone who takes a position, defends it, and invites other points of view, than for someone who plays it safe in the muddy middle out of fear that s/he will be seen as leaning too much to one side.

How many reports have you read where the authors clearly went out of their way to appear unbiased? How helpful were those reports in the decision-making process? Usually, not very. They are often inconclusive.

On the occasions that we find technologies/products/companies/people we like, there’s absolutely no reason for us not to speak our mind. To the critics I say, offer your own perspective if you disagree. I know I’ve been known to change my mind on occasion when someone presents a compelling alternative point of view.

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