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Newly Discovered Blog

by Administrator on March 31, 2006

Just ran across another tech blog that I found interesting. It is written by a fellow named Ben Rockwood and nests itself under the website for CuddleTech.

Not sure exactly what Rockwood’s pedigree is, or what Cuddletech is. I just stumbled over it because of some venting the guy was doing about Zerowait’s ZHA Epiphany service, which I happen to like. Apparently, Mr. Rockwood has done his own open source SNMP trap for NetApp gear. I like his product concept a lot, open source as it is, and have encouraged him to join up at

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benr March 31, 2006 at 9:26 pm

If you figure out what my pedigree is, be sure to let me know. Curious myself. 😉

Thanks for the mention. Much appreciated.

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