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Disaster Recovery Seminar Coming Together for IBM Edge 2012

by Administrator on April 27, 2012

I have been working on my slides for IBM Edge 2012, where I will be both attending to discover (and report on) what Big Blue is up to in their storage technology development and presenting six hours of continuity planning training as part of the Technical Edge program.  Registration is HERE.

I’ve decided to include in the training program a couple of opportunities for IT managers to talk about how they have tackled some of the knotty issues of disaster recovery planning in their shops and spent a few hours this week (re)acquainting myself with the continuity strategies deployed by Rick Haverty at University of Rochester Medical Center, and Eric Breuer of Baldor Electric.

Haverty and I are of the same mind on the need to use various strategies in combination for data protection, including tape, synchronous mirroring and asynchronous replication.  I will be very interested to hear, not only how he has cobbled together these varied strategies, but how he tests and maintains their consistency with changing business requirements and technology infrastructure.

Breuer is a big champion of HA/failover and one thing I am especially interested in learning more about is how his strategy has cut down on the costliness and effort required in plan testing by enabling ad hoc testing during the year.

Anyway, the seminar track (for which I am being compensated, for the record) and the event promise to be illuminating.  Personally, I am stacking up the questions that I want to put to IBMers and their customers during the week long event.  If you are in Orlando at the show during the first week of June, and you see me having a coffee or something, let’s chat about your ideas and questions.

Hope to see you there.  IBM Edge2012.

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