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Falconstor Keeps Pace

by Administrator on April 27, 2012

I got a briefing this week on Falconstor’s latest developments.  Their Virtual Tape Library 7.5 shows a lot of promise, expanding the types of deduplication processes to include not only the turbo stuff, but also the smart post-write software dedupe to reduce backups that the technology was originally created for.  I really like the fact that the company has elected to provide both a hardware appliance (for those who don’t like to cobble together their own kits) and a hardware agnostic software version.

Now when someone asks what alternatives there are to overpriced dedupe rigs from Evil Machine Corporation, I have one quick bit of advice:  Falconstor.

BTW, I receive no pay for this.  Just my opinion, which I will continue to advance until I hear otherwise from users.

Good luck, Falconstor.  Sounds like a winner.

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