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August is Almost Over…

by Administrator on August 31, 2012

But work, like Hurricane Season, is gaining momentum.  Shortly, I will share some thoughts on economic friction and what it contributes to the inevitability of outsourcing a la clouds for many companies… Until then, here is the cartoon version.  I am pleased to announce the next episode of Storage Wars — Episode V:  Cloud Storage Strikes Back.  Hope you enjoy it…


In case you missed the first installment, titled in George Lucas/Star Wars style, Episode IV here it is:

Are they as good as George Lucas’ originals?  Probably not.  But we put a lot of love into them and hope they provide you with a chuckle or two in these challenging times.

Episode V features new characters:  Disk Vader, Emperor Vimware, as well as a Yoda character (Independent Software Developers) and a new representative for disk on the storage league, a small array vendor modeled on X-IO that explains IOPS per watt and “Hot Sheets” caching, which is finally available in the form of ISE Hybrid.  Also introduced is the concept of Tape NAS using LTFS.

Edutainment at its finest.  Enjoy!

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howard goldstein September 2, 2012 at 2:16 am

This is much better than Spaceballs. I enjoyed it and can’t wait for the next episode. How about Java the Hut! Think about what you might do with IP over FC!

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