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See Yah on the Other Side, Howie

by Administrator on September 11, 2012

Howard Goldstein, a fellow trainer and storage geek, passed away last week.  Anyone who has been to Storage Decisions, SNW or other storage fests will remember him as the guy with the full-on smile and jovial nature who, coincidentally, also gave a hell of a training session.

I don’t know when I first met him, but I thoroughly enjoyed our conversations and debates over nearly a decade.  My last communication with him was a request for a copy of some video he had shot of my session at IBM Edge, where he was also in attendance as a sponsor.  This morning, I discovered another bit of messaging.  He responded to my previous post of the latest installment of our edutainment video, StorageWars, with a very complimentary note.

A down to earth guy who just wanted to help people to understand technology.  I will miss him.

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Jason Mills October 1, 2012 at 4:00 pm

I only got to meet Howard once, at Edge this year. He seemed to be a very genuine helpful guy. I talked with him a while in regards to what he does and the SAN Certification program he was promoting. He provided a great amount of information. Its sad to hear that he is no longer with us.

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