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First Post of 2013

by Administrator on January 7, 2013

Looks like the world survived the Mayan Apocalypse.

Oh, and the Jellyfish apocalypse turned out to be oversell…

No Jellyfish Invasion for you!!!

And our biggest nightmare in tech, the discovery at moon lake of a completely new organism that eats arsenic (like Gallium Arsenide computer chips, no one can eat just one), turned out to be erroneous…  GFAJ-1, in fact, dines on phosphate, just like most other bacterium.

Even NASA got suckered on this one!!!

However, there have been some curious events of late, including

Frenzied giant squid off California’s southern coast…


And the sudden memory loss of many Congressmen (and women) regarding the importance of post-disaster aide, in particular to the victims of the SuperStorm that occurred in Late October, causing an estimated $65 Billion in damage up the East Coast of the US, as well as the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and Ontario.  In all, 24 states were impacted, but aide is slow in coming.


I don’t know if these are related or simply coincidental, but I will keep monitoring to see whether any of the Congressmen begin to manifest any additional traits in common with Humbolt Squid — beyond aggression toward fellow humans, that is.  Keep an eye out for sharp teeth around all prominant suckers and the development of sharp, raptor-like beaks…oh, and a smell like calamari.

In the meantime, my first events are coming together for the New Year.

On February 4, I will be speaking at SHARE, session 13138 Delivering Data Protection Services in a Business-Savvy Way.  Here is the LINK for more information.

Before I head out to San Fran, I will be doing a slightly abridged version of the talk in a webinar for Tributary Systems and IBM Systems Magazine on Thursday January 24.  Hope some of you will REGISTER to attend.  I like what Tributary is trying to do with VTLs, improving them to become data protection service brokers, or storage controllers.  Interesting approach.

IBM has also asked me to moderate their next webinar with United Business Media, covering “Encryption Options for IBM Storage for Better Security” — one of my favorite topics.  I have seen Jack Arnold’s deck, and it is well worth a listen.  Hope you folks will REGISTER to spend an hour with us on January 15.


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