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Just Back from SHARE 2013 in San Francisco

by Administrator on February 6, 2013

I was the guest of Tributary Systems, great folks offering an appliance called Storage Director that is providing a drop in data protection service engine in SystemZ, iSeries, and distributed computing environments.  Wrote a paper that you can get from their site.  While you are there, you can replay a webcast I did for them before the show that covers roughly the same turf as the talk I delivered at SHARE.

Thanks to Ed Ahl, of Tributary Systems, for having me out.


Couple of quick observations.

First, nobody seemed to be basking in the blue neon glow of the VMAX from Evil Machine Corp.  Not sure if this changed over the course of the night, but the couple of times I walked past their booth, they seemed to be chatting with each other.  I did manage to snap this quick phone photo.  Lousy quality, I’m afraid, and it doesn’t show the Windows Server 2008 R2 boot screen — but the blue neon is awesome.


Maybe IBM should trick out its latest DS with blue neon lights or something, to make it look trippier…


Or maybe they should go to the folks who are designing the cabinets for the latest System Z:


I really like the look of this rig, though what really matters is what Big Blue has going on inside the Z…


The cabinet reminds me of some of the sets used in the original Star Trek television series.  But there is nothing old school about this platform or about the cobble IBM is encouraging between the mainframe, and open systems workload.  The zEnterprise play has been keeping me interested…

Here is the latest z BladeCenter as an extension to the z System mainframe.


The z BladeCenter extension provides a great hosting environment for workload that you don’t choose to virtualize inside an LPAR of your mainframe.

I’ve said before that I am not enamored of the SNMP-based management of the BladeCenter extension, preferring as I do the rock solid direct management built into zOS for the components of its own kit, or at a minimum, REST.  Still, it seems like a nice reunification strategy for the MF and distributed environments.

At the show, I learned that IBM has probably given away more zEnterprise solutions than it has sold — priming the pump so to speak.  At the same time, I ran into a couple of customers who had bought and deployed the technology themselves, or who were preparing to.  They won’t talk about it in the media because they regard the strategy as a secret weapon that affords them business advantage over competitors.


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