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Ruminating on Dell

by Administrator on February 6, 2013

I guess after IDC gave its opinion regarding the demise of “Dell The Publicly Traded Company” and the rise of “Dell the Privately Held Company” (LINK),  I started getting calls and emails asking me to participate in various interviews to express my opinions about the change of ownership.  I rejected the offers, lacking any spare time, but put this in my email.

I really have no opinion on this.  I think Dell blew its opportunity in storage long ago when it failed to apply its microfactory concept, which worked pretty well with servers, to storage kits.  Users should have been able to go to Dell’s website and design/configure/execute storage that fit their exact needs.  Instead, Dell partnered with EMC to deliver the world’s worst and most overpriced crap to end users.  They only started to correct this error a couple of years ago, but it may have been too late.  In retrospect, and given the current news, it sure seems that way.

One intrepid writer on deadline responded with a follow-up — had to admire her chutspah.  She asked: “Ok, this helps.  But one question: they have made significant acquisitions in storage in the last couple of years, so you don’ think any of that technology they acquired makes them more competitive?”

I responded because her question required it.

I always viewed the products that they acquired as a bit of a yawn.  iSCSI kit, NAS, etc.  Probably worked for their primary market, SMB, but my sense was that it wouldn’t help them climb into the enterprise space — at least not with the same success they were having with high end servers.

Opinions are like elbows.  Everyone has a couple.  And that’s what I think about that.

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