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by Administrator on February 13, 2013

I got some curious looks at a dinner when I suggested that I did not believe the drive-shortage-because-of-the-Thailand-Floods-in-2012 narrative that many in the industry were peddling most of last year.  And this article confirms my key points.

According to Jean-Jacques Maleval, the industry shipped about 63 million 3.5 inch disk drives and about 73 million 2.5 inch disks in the 4th Quarter of last year alone. That was 7% down from the previous year, which means that the industry shipped way over the volume of drives that industry analysts were projecting at the start of the year (about 51 M units) — PRIOR to the Thailand flooding.  

So, despite the weather disaster, the industry exceeded its own expectations of disk shipments.  Given these stats, would someone like to tell me how there was a “shortage” to justify up to 100% mark-up in drive prices?

Thanks for the data, Monsieur Maleval.  I may be in Paris on March 20 after keynoting Storage Expo in Brussels.  Maybe we will have the chance to chat.

(This entry was updated to repair an error in my reading of JJM’s reportage, which was pointed out to me by Rob Peglar.  Thanks, Rob.)

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