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Important Development at CeBIT 2013 That US Readers May Not Have Heard About

by Administrator on March 7, 2013

DataCore Software, a fellow Florida-based company, used CeBIT 2013 to announce the first “productization” of the remarkable work that CTO and Chairman of the Board, Ziya Aral, and his team having been doing with virtual desktop infrastructure.  We have blogged about DataCore’s VDI research here before and even posted some video interviews with Aral.

What makes DataCore’s VDI development more interesting than any of the other vendors we’ve seen is the fact that they approach the problem from the consumer’s point of view:  how inexpensively can we stand up 50, 100, or 200 virtual desktops?  Contrast this with the approach of a storage hardware vendor:  “how many virtual desktops do you need to deploy to offset the cost of the rig and software we want you to buy?  You see where I am going with this.

I flew down to Lauderdale to catch up with the DataCore folks last Friday and to get a sneak peek at what they were showing, and it blew my socks off.  If I were a smaller firm (or even a larger firm whetting my toe in VDI), I would want to deploy VDI in manageable increments of fewer than, say, 350 virtual desktops.  With DataCore’s Virtual Desktop System, a little 1u rack mount server was running 350 desktops, demonstrating that they achieve 2X what others can achieve, while using 75% less storage (virtualized SATA drives were used in the demonstration I saw).



Folks, there is no deception here.  And DataCore is delivering high performance and STATEFUL VDIs that do not go away when you quit your session and park the VDI back into storage.  Simple wizards are provided to create virtual desktops and provision them to users.  Pretty drool proof.

This is a significant cost reduction over any VDI play I have ever seen, and gets us closer to what Aral likes to view as VDI-as-computer science:  providing a reliable number of virtual desktops per server deployed — sort of “atomic units” of VDI with known costs, predictable service levels, and insane performance.

DataCore is rolling these VDS licenses out in Europe first, where the appetite for VDI is strong.  I hope to see them cross the pond shortly so I can put one in my shop.


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