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Here at IBM Edge 2013 Continued…

by Administrator on June 10, 2013

The general sessions have provided a little something for everyone this morning.  Unlike the keynote, which emphasized certain technologies and themes, the general sessions have provided concise descriptions of technology or product improvements underscored by use cases — a great strategy.

I don’t know if IBM has a policy about doing so, but I think they missed several opportunities to give their competitors the what for.  For example, company XYZ bragged last year about achieving a Storage Performance Council record of 450K IOPS with their rig:  a sort of land speed record.  IBM could have noted today that such a record, which required 1900 spindles, each requiring between 7 and 21 watts of electricity, is so day before yesterday.  Their latest rigs, sporting Tier 0 read cache Flash SSD, might be able to deliver the same performance but with far fewer drives supplemented by a bit of Flash acceleration.  In short, hybrid storage consuming far less electricity to deliver the same throughput for less money, power and HVAC requirements.

I like it when vendors stand up their products against competitors that way.

I also would have liked to have heard about the merits of SVC versus EMC VMAX architecture, for example.  How does a Linux storage controller do against a Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 in the EMC rig?  Similarly, how does an array build without custom ASICs do against a 3PAR, which was delayed coming into market by delays with their ASIC.  Also, is it hurting HP not to have Flash support on what has become their flagship rig?

Often this is the kind of stuff that IT guys want to hear about.  I certainly do.

I am looking forward to noon, when the exihibit hall opens and I can chat with IBM partner vendors.

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