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Spectra and CommVault Team Up

by Administrator on April 22, 2014

Announced today, tape (and capacity no frills disk) maker Spectra Logic is teaming up with data management/protection software maker, CommVault, to deliver cooperative solutions.  I see this as a potential big win for both companies and possibly a boost for object storage, which Spectra has pioneered in the archive space with last year’s Deep Storage/Black Pearl announcements.

We interviewed then CMO Molly Rector and CTO Matt Starr about these innovations in archive at the time of the announcement and have posted the interviews in their entirety at for those who want to understand more about their approach. Visit today!


Anyway, I have long followed Spectra Logic CEO Nathan Thompson’s activities over in Boulder, CO and confess an admiration of the guy for consistently going his own way with his products.  He could have outsourced all of his manufacturing and assembly, as most of his competitors did, and go with more commodity components in his kits rather than building stuff himself, but the guy strikes me as a tinkerer and his libraries are like custom, hand assembled Italian sports cars…

Well, okay.  I suppose neither T-Finity nor nTier Verde are really anything like Italian sports cars, but you get my meaning…

The CommVault thing is interesting.  Despite their earlier vision of handling all aspects of data management, CommVault seemed to be pushed year after year into the more crowded niche of data protection – snapshots, replication, mirroring, backup.  While data protection is part of data management, it is by no means the whole story.  In fact, I would argue that robust archive – both active and deep – is a prerequisite for making data protection processes cost-effective, not to mention for bending the storage capacity growth curve.

Anyway, I have recently been asked to do some speaking for both companies.  On May 1, I will be talking archive in a webinar with new CMO at Spectra Logic, Bruce Kornfeld.  Registration is HERE and I hope all of you will attend.  We are talking about the viability of disk to serve as an archive platform.  I will give my twisted viewpoint.


I have also been tapped to reprise my webinar speaker role for Commvault, having done a preso in first quarter for the vendor on Holistic Data Management.  Next, we will be discussing data protection in detail.  Dates are to be announced.  But, on May 20, I believe that CommVault’s path and mine will cross again as I keynote a SuperCast for 1105 Media on the subject of Data Protection in a Software Defined World.  I will post more details on both events as I get them.

So, congrats to Spectra and CommVault and best wishes for your joint success in wrangling the recalcitrant bits.

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