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Disk is Dead? Maybe In Some May Day Madness…

by Administrator on May 1, 2014

Naw.  I am just joshin’.

You might think that the nail is in the coffin on our old friend, spinning rust, especially after reading Storage Newsletter for the past couple of days.  Their round up and commentary on Seagate’s Q1 performance, then today on Western Digital’s Q1 earnings might have you doubting disk futures.

I think that is rather silly.  First of all, here are some interesting numbers on disk sales that are a bit more holistic.

In the first three months of 2014, Seagate and Western Digital shipped 115.6 million hard drives with an average size of about 890 GB per drive.  That is roughly 114.4 Exabytes of capacity.  Compare that to 21.2 Exabytes of external storage deployed worldwide by IDC’s estimate in 2010.

Seems pretty robust to me, even if the shipments/revenues are lower than a couple of years ago. But is anyone factoring in supply chain choke, higher prices and lower capacities per drive a few years back?

Anyway, the real news was that DataCore SANsymphony-V R10 was announced this week.  The latest version provides a way to cobble together local and direct-attached storage, including Flash, into virtual storage volumes that move with VMs from place to place.  Who needs VSAN if I can do this?  And the price is a fraction of what a rip and replace of my existing SAN and its replacement with DAS kit would have been.  Kudos to DataCore once again.

Finally, just to show how not anti-disk I am, I will be doing a webinar in about an hour and a half on the use of disk in archiving.  Tune in if you want to this webinar, hosted by Spectra Logic.




Is disk a viable alternative for archive? I will discuss it with Bruce Kornfeld of Spectra Logic at noon Eastern, 10 Mountain, 9 Pacific TODAY!

Cheers and Happy May Day.

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