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Aperi means “Wanderer”

by Administrator on June 24, 2006

This just out (and forwarded to me by a SNIA-ite). Read it while humming the tune to The Little Runaway (thanks for correcting me, AC): “As I walk along, I wonder, what went wrong with our love, a love that was so strong…”

SNIA Members:

This coming week, the Aperi community will make an announcement stating their intention to form within The Eclipse Foundation and also stating their plans to establish a formalized relationship with the SNIA. In addition, this past June 22nd, a coalition of five SNIA members announced their intentions to bring forth additional SMI-S related specifications and technologies to the SNIA.

As you may know, SNIA has been working with Aperi leaders for the past several months to determine how best to collaborate. Both parties have concluded formation and relationship discussions whereby Aperi, once established within Eclipse, plans to formalize a relationship with SNIA that will focus on standards, testing and implementation of SMI-S, testing of applications using SMI-S, and common marketing and education programs that focus on SMI-S and storage management.

All members of the Aperi community and all of the companies referenced in the June 22nd press release are active, contributing SNIA members and the SNIA recognizes they are all passionate about the success of SMI-S. SNIA believes they are committed to driving enhanced SMI-S capabilities into products that end users will use to benefit their IT operations.

SNIA specification efforts are open to all SNIA member companies and take place under the auspices of formal SNIA Technical Working Groups. The most recent industry news coming from the Aperi community (who are all SNIA members) and from a subset of the SNIA membership (referenced on June 22) is considered a welcome and exciting step in the continued progress in SNIA technical work. It is also important to remember that this is not exclusive to only those members issuing press releases. The fact is, the planned SNIA technical work will take place within the SNIA, and this is open for participation to the entire SNIA membership on a voluntary basis.

Additionally, while consortia are free to develop specifications and standards independent of the SNIA, if these are offered to the SNIA, they will undergo the same open review process that an SNIA internally developed specification would, before being accepted by the SNIA, or being further developed within our Association. SNIA specifications, once approved by its membership, are released to the general public for everyone to use. The SNIA is also committed to having its publicly released specifications become ANSI and ISO recognized standards.

The SNIA supports the wider adoption and implementation of SMI-S by any company or organization and, therefore, believes that more vendor implementations and wider access to the SMI-S technology will foster increased adoption of the SMI-S standard by end-users. The SNIA expects the experiences that all its members have with SMI-S will originate more ideas and refinements for SMI-S features that the SNIA will include in its SMI-S roadmap.

If I can address any specific questions or concerns, please contact me at Please note that all press inquiries are being managed by our Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Lesley Bakker at

Best regards,

Robin Glasgow

Executive Director


The first thing about this email that raised a smile to my lips was the date: it was emailed on Saturday, June 24. By now, how many articles have already run covering this development? Every major trade press editor has already contacted me by email to ask for my views during the past week. So why did Robin take so long to pass the word to his fellow “the SNIA-ites”?

Are we to assume that, in addition to not listening to end users, SNIA droids also don’t read the industry rags? I confess that I don’t look at a lot of the storage foo in print either. I just read Warren Avery’s synopsis each week, which you should be subscribing to if you aren’t already. He excises all of the articles that are clearly vendor press releases or advertorials, and tries to synopse just the important stuff.

The scary thing was that they want their crap ratified as ANSI and ISO standards, which they will probably succeed in doing even if nobody gives a damn. God knows the Fibre Channel standards are complete crappydoo, so why not codify storage management through the same mouthpieces?

This industry needs to get a clue.

Back to Warren:

Avery is a cool guy, even though I don’t always agree with him. Here is a blurb from his email each week:

Do you know anyone interested in staying current on technical issues? As a reader of the IT Weekly Newsletter you know that the Newsletter has no company profiles, product reviews, sales or marketing write-ups and no advertising. The Newsletter is a weekly compilation of 12-20 technical articles from over 350+ of the previous weeks on line sources. Use Purchase Code WA2006 at to subscribe at 50% off the regular $192 per year subscription price ($2 per issue).

Warren gives a 50% off discount to members of the Data Management Institute. Thanks, Warren.

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Anonymous Coward June 26, 2006 at 9:31 am

“As I walk along, I wonder, what went wrong with our love, a love that was so strong…”
Dude, that’s Little Runaway, not The Wanderer.

Administrator June 26, 2006 at 10:19 am

Thanks for correcting me, AC.

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