The Buzz: Caringo Gets a Patent on DarkiveTM (Repost)

oiuhjko98uyhji876trdcvbReaders of this blog may recall that I have been getting concerned about how we deal with the flattening of the storage infrastructure (the consolidation of storage tiers to just flash and disk) and still pursue must-have capabilities like data archive.  Face it, without archive, we will not be able to bend the storage cost curve in any sort of meaningful way.

De-duplicated and compress data all you want, but this is just squeezing more junk into the junk drawer that is storage. The only real way to free up storage capacity has always been to migrate less frequently accessed bits over to an archival repository.  Only, now, with Hadoop and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, I wonder how we will be able to do that.

About a month ago, I visited my friends at Caringo in Austin, TX, where CEO Jonathan Ring provided me with an overview of his technology, including something he called Darkive.  Darkive is essentially archiving data to disk then powering down the disk until the data is needed.  (Actually, Darkive is simply a technology for using the power modes available in enterprise disk today, for reasons ranging from reduced energy consumption to enabling longer term archival retention of data.)  In any case, I just learned from Storage Newsletter that Caringo has finally been granted a patent on DarkiveTM,

Congrats to Caringo.

(Note:  this article is reposted from May 27.  Not sure why, but opening the earlier version gives a 502 Bad Gateway error.)

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