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A Little Summer Reading

by Administrator on June 22, 2015

Artificial_intelligence_MIT_2015_Jan122015Having just finished a webinar with DataCore Software on the topic of Data Availability, I realized that this is a line of inquiry that is well worth addressing with as many software-defined storage vendors who will respond.  I have also written articles on this topic for the next issue of Virtualization Review and another for Enterprise Systems magazines — just in time for severe weather season.  Hope you will add it to your summer reading list.

Availability is one of the top three reasons folks seem to give when surveyed about their rationale for pursuing software-defined storage behind virtual server clusters (the other two are performance and cost-containment).

As readers of this blog already know, I have been getting to know a number of third party SDS products over the last few months, including some outstanding technology from StarWind Software.  I recently accepted an invitation from StarWind to talk about software-defined storage and hyper-converged infrastructure generally from their booth space at Microsoft Ignite in Chicago.  Here is a clip from my talk, which was intended to be a critique of the SDS approaches of leading hypervisor vendors rather than an endorsement of any specific products.  StarWind followed up with an interesting discussion of a hyper-converged appliance they have put together with Dell reseller, xByte Technologies.


I will post a couple more segments from this event and interviews with the CEOs of StarWind Software and xByte Technologies in the coming weeks.  For now, I hope this will pique everyone’s interest enough to tune into an IT-SENSE webinar one week from this Wednesday, on July 1, at 12 Noon Eastern Time.  Registration is HERE.


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