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Webinar Tomorrow: HAL 9000, Skynet, Pick Your Poison…

by Administrator on July 14, 2015

demIs AI (as in artificial intelligence) going to be required to solve our infrastructure management challenges?  IBM has been talking a lot about using Watson technology to do the heavy lifting of status data collection and analysis in infrastructure monitoring and management.  Has it really gotten that bad?  Have we let things go to the point where we are looking to Deus Ex Machina to fix our problems and to deliver that unicorn we call an agile data center?

That’s the topic we will be taking on at Noon Eastern with Nikki Jennings of SolarWinds, the IT management software company.  If you can spare 45 minutes.  I hope you will attend.  If not, please catch it on replay when it is convenient for you.  This is an important topic and an excellent guest for the show.

Registration is Here

holy grail concept 2 HAL

I have been following SolarWinds since they acquired my favorite storage management software vendor, Tek Tools, a few years ago.  They have been working to integrate products they have acquired from others and developed internally into a Swiss Army Knife for IT infrastructure management.  And it comes at a good time:  as everyone seems anxious to deploy agile data centers — anxious both in the sense of anticipation with glee, but also deeply concerned about what it will require for success.

I had the opportunity to chat with Michael Thompson about SolarWinds effort at Microsoft Ignite in Chicago a month or so ago.  Here is that interview…

I started by asking Michael to provide an overview of SolarWinds portfolio of products.


Next, I turned my attention to operational details.  What protocols can SolarWinds software products use to collect information about infrastructure status?


In the third clip, we explored use cases for SolarWinds management technology.  I was especially interested to hear his explanation of how his tools could collect information that would enable IT managers to get to actual solutions to problems without the finger pointing of vendors.


Great interview, and I am expecting even more when we talk to Nikki Jennings on Wednesday.  Please join us, or watch the replay.

One more thing:  Nikki and the other brains at SolarWinds are putting on a free two-day event in cyberspace on Wednesday and Thursday, ThwackCamp 2015.  If you want to attend the event and to see demonstrations of SolarWinds products and presentations by experts, please register to attend the two day event via your computer, tablet or smart phone.  Here’s the link



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