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The Most Important Topic in IT Today

by Administrator on July 15, 2015

lesdatamiserablesI am making final preparations right now for our next IT-SENSE Brown Bag Webinar, which happens at Noon ET today, on the topic of IT Infrastructure Management.  As expected for a mid-summer event and one covering the topic of management technology, registrations for the live event are pretty sparse.  Unless there is a last minute push, my speaker, the moderator and I will be speaking to only a handful of attendees.

I know I am not supposed to mention this.  I know that, if current politicians are an example, I am supposed to exaggerate the number of folks who will simply flock to any presentation I make.  And I know that the replays of my webinars always garner a lot more traffic than the live shows.  But still, my head is aching from the short shrift that this subject always gets — regardless of the speaker, the calendar, or the amount of advertising.  Truth is, hardly anyone wants to think about management.

Look, I know we all buy our gear or our app or our hypervisor secure in the knowledge that it comes with some configuration tools and maybe some troubleshooting utilities.  On hardware, there may even be a blinky light or two to show us when something isn’t working correctly.  And just maybe we buy the kit that automatically calls the vendor to send out a service person to fix problems that we haven’t even detected yet.  (Now that’s trust.)

We console ourselves that we have all the management we really need, that trying to instrument processes and hardware and collect status information, analyze it for potential inefficiencies or burgeoning fault conditions, and develop a proactive approach to ensuring availability of our data and applications at performance levels that we have led users and bosses to expect — that’s all in the realm of nice to have, not need to have.

Hello.  That is exactly the problem.  We don’t manage infrastructure or the data we write to it at all well.  That, ultimately, is the problem with IT.  Solving it would dramatically reduce the need to deploy more capacity, to rip and replace technology, to outsource because we feel overwhelmed.  Instead, we follow panacea technologies one after another, always reassured by vendors that this or that will make our problems go away.

That strategy hasn’t worked in the 35+ years I have been doing IT.  It is time to get serious about managing all of this infrastructure we are deploying using budgets that are getting harder and harder to justify.

I want to use this webinar to talk about it.  Is that important enough to spend 45 minutes of your lunch hour listening and maybe asking a few questions?

I’m asking nicely.  So register now, if you can spare 45 minutes!  Failing that, please listen to the replay at some point this week.

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