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Money Talks. BS Walks.

by Administrator on July 20, 2015

datacoreboxingposterThat is a pretty straightforward summary of the webinar I am involved in this week with DataCore Software.  Fighting the Hidden Costs of Data Storage is the official title (though my original suggestions were a bit more flamboyant, shall we say) and our goal is to help folks to understand (1) why storage costs so dang much, (2) why there is nothing about software-defined or hyperconverged storage that is automatically going to bend the cost curve, and (3) what you can do about cost containment with the grey matter between your ears and some software goodness from an independent software developer, DataCore Software.

As you can see at left, I dreamed up some creative for the event, including a mock fight announcement poster and a deck theme based on boxing.  But, I have been told not to adopt too pugilistic a tone — we are all so PC now.  So, don’t expect me to say something like, “The only industry with the same product cost dynamic as storage is cocaine:  the more the vendor ‘cuts’ the product the more money he can make.”  And don’t expect me to diss Evil Machine Corporation or its peers:  let’s face it, VMware is engaged in a much grander scheme of consumer lock-in than EMC ever conceived.

But I won’t say any of those things.  We will look at the elements that contribute cost to storage, which today accounts for between $.33 and $.70 of every dollar spent on IT hardware, depending on the analyst you consult.  Here is my simple calculus for storage TCO (I wrote a paper about it that I think everyone who attends the DataCore event can download at the show)…


The good news is that, whether I get to rant or not, DataCore promises to bring some real cost-containment value to storage infrastructure, as it has demonstrated repeatedly in every one of the tens of thousands of companies where it is used (including mine).  It is a pleasure to do this presentation with them and I hope some of you will register to attend.  Who knows, you might even get a few ideas for containing your storage costs.  The show starts on Tuesday (tomorrow) 21 July at 10AM ET.  Be there!


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