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Don’t Be Duped By De-Duplication…

by Administrator on August 17, 2015

Tomorrow at 2PM EDT, I will be moderating a webinar with Arcserve on the subject of de-duplication technology:  Don’t Be Duped by De-Duplication.  Registration is here.

While I acknowledge that a lot of folks are using de-duplication technology, I am still a bit concerned about implementing it universally — across all primary storage — and about adding another layer of stuff I need to do to my data backup if I want to return the data to a usable form.

Moreover, I remain perturbed by the BS that substitutes for a business case for the technology. Reduction ratios are still being exaggerated, nonsensical assertions are being made about how data transfers across a WAN will be sped up significantly by the technology, etc. I get to vent and ask for some clarification from one of the more modest evangelists for the technology, Bob Spurzem of Arcserve. Tune in, if you can spare 45 min or so.

See you tomorrow!

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