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Cloud vs Tape? Says who? Hybrid Clouds Leverage Tape and LTFS

by Administrator on April 13, 2016

cloud-bubble-popsTo all of the pundits, analysts and vendors of disk and flash who once again claim that tape is dead, killed this time by cloud, I want you all to take a deep breath.  Hold it for a second.  Release it.  Repeat three or four times.

Then watch the video interview below with Shawn Brume and Ed Childers of IBM.  These guys know something about tape and its continuing role — especially with respect to hybrid clouds.  Just give them a listen and don’t just use the time to think up your nonsensical responses.  The facts are the facts:  we need a storage ecosystem if we are going to deliver even half of the promise of cloud service delivery models.



This video interview was shot at IBM Interconnect 2016, where IBM paid for my expenses as a guest blogger. I was also compensated for tweeting at sessions during the show, but this video interview, the questions asked and the edited final were all my own work. IBM was not involved with my video work.


Thanks to Shawn and Ed for giving a comprehensive overview of the continuing role of tape in hybrid cloud environments. You guys are the best!

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