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VBlogs from IBM Edge 2016: Mainframe in the Cloud

by Administrator on October 26, 2016

mainframes-are-clouds3smReaders of this blog may recall past entries in which we argued that mainframes were, by all coherent definitions of the term, “clouds” in and of themselves.  This message seemed to be getting more play while we were at IBM Edge 2016 at MGM Grand a month or so back…especially from Steven P. Dickens, Senior Offering Manager for IBM Cloud for z Systems and LinuxONE.

Here is a edited version of a rather extensive chat I had with Mr. Dickens regarding IBM’s plans to deliver “Mainframe as a Service” in a cloud.  As always, his commentary was on point and very Brit.



I suppose I am something of a mainframe bigot, sensing as I often do that the “latest and shiniest new technologies” are more often than not just a rediscovery of things we have done on mainframes for years.  Virtualization?  Been there.  Software-defined storage?  Done that.  Multi-tenancy?  Yawn.  Cloud?  Did it 30 years ago.  Happy that the newbs are discovering all of this stuff again…for the first time!

Thank you to Steven for participating in this interview.  And thank you to IBM for providing me with transport, lodging and free registration to the outstanding Edge 2016 event.  While IBM funded these vBlogs, the responsibility for and ownership of edited content is entirely my own.


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