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The Ephemeral Cloud

by Administrator on October 27, 2016

cloud-bubble-popsA bunch of years ago, IDC and Gartner promised that if we were all good little girls and boys and said our prayers every night and abandoned legacy infrastructure for clouds, CAPEX spending for IT would all but end.  Plus, there would be peace on earth, a chicken in every pot, a corner office for every mid level manager who made the IT department unplug all of its storage and servers and throw them into the cloud.  The hype was deafening, and for many firms the results expected — greater agility, greater resiliency, and lower cost — have failed to materialize.

Call me a skeptic, but I originally saw clouds as a re-branding of ASPs and SSPs — outsourcing by another name.  As the concept took hold, however, I have played the role of loyal opposition, identifying the foibles in cloud strategies, the misconceptions introduced by overly enthusiastic cloud marketing folk who don’t know technology from shinola.  On November 16, DataCore has given me a platform to talk about clouds and what is really needed to make them work minimally well so that they can actually deliver on promises.

For anyone who cares, the event is a free BrightTalk webinar that you can sign up for HERE.  I hope some of you can attend.  In addition to my curmudgeonly viewpoint, you will hear from DataCore’s very smart Augie Gonzales about the real requirement for cloud enablement:  an effective storage virtualization technology.  Be there or be square.


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