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Vblogs from the Edge: IBM Storage in Nordic Shops

by Administrator on October 31, 2016

At IBM Edge 2016, I had the good fortune to cross paths with Mathias Olander, a Software Defined Solutions Sales Representative for Big Blue in the Nordic region.  A brief discussion about the appetite for software-defined technologies in Northern Europe became a bit more philosophical, perhaps because of the frequent pauses we needed to take in response to a helicopter buzzing overhead every couple of minutes.  Mathias took the interruptions in stride and provided some insightful commentary not only on his market, but on the more global shifts he is seeing in IT today.


Special thanks to Mathias for sharing his views with us.

For the record, I attended IBM Edge 2016 as a guest of IBM Storage, who picked up my transportation and lodging costs and provided a stipend for live tweeting some of the events at the show.  These video blogs are mine and do not necessarily reflect the views of IBM.



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