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Vblogs from the Edge: Stouffer Compresses Some Thoughts

by Administrator on October 31, 2016

compressBrandishing a title like Director, Storwize Offering Manager and Business Line Manager, one would expect Eric Stouffer to spend his 15 minutes of fame (about the time it takes to shoot a short interview) waxing philosophical about the benefits of data compression (what Storwize technology is all about).  The interesting thing about Stouffer is that he maintains a good bead on what IBM is doing across product lines and across technology areas to ensure that his products continue to drive value to customers.  He continues to see value in virtualizing the underlying storage infrastructure, then sharing it out to applications and virtual machines as logical volumes.  We quite agree.

I was delighted to have the opportunity to catch up with Eric at IBM Edge 2016 and to record a video that we edited into this short clip.


We continue to derive great value from IBM Edge events, especially from the great signal to noise ratios of presentations and interviews.  Hope to revisit this topic in 2017.

Disclaimer:  Our attendance at Edge 2016 was compensated by IBM.  They paid the bills for our transport and lodging and provided a stipend for live tweeting their general sessions.  That made it possible for us to do these vblogs, for which we are wholly responsible.  Thanks IBM!



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