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Vblogs from the Edge: Zoginstor talks Software-Defined Storage

by Administrator on October 31, 2016

sdsWhen you talk to someone who wears the handle “Vice President of Storage and Software Defined Infrastructure Marketing,” you would think that you are going to get an earful about SDS and hyper-converged infrastructure, and maybe some hype about how it is the shiniest of shiny new things.  However, IBM’s Eric Herzog (known on Twitter as @Zoginstor) has knocked around this business for so long, bringing knowledgeable evangelism of so many storage innovations in his career, the hype is kept to a minimum.

Herzog is one of our favorite interviews at IBM events because he has a knack for bringing us up to speed on what IBM is doing and how that fits against the broader trends he is seeing in the world.  Here was his take at IBM Edge 2016.



Again, our special thanks to Eric Herzog for providing his valuable insights into both IBM’s storage products strategy and the use cases that are emerging in the wonderful world of IT.

Eric was instrumental in the invitation from IBM to DrunkenData to attend Edge 2016 and to live tweet sessions at the conference.  They foot the bills for our travel and lodging and paid a stipend for our work there.  These video blogs, however, are our own and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Big Blue.


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