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Cure for the Post-Halloween Sugar Crash: Ken Barth of Catalogic

by Administrator on November 1, 2016

Halloween has passed.  In its wake is an inevitable sugar crash.  If you have kids, you welcome this side effect to curb all of that frenetic energy and to provide a spate of peace and quiet.  In IT, a sugar crash often follows the acquisition of new gear or the implementation of a new application or OS.  During this brief period of calm, we settle into the new kit or process or workflow, content that we have the shiniest new thing until the next shiny new thing.

In some cases, we start to second guess the decision we just made.  Did we really need that shiny new storage box?  Could we have saved ourselves the money if we had just gone around and cleaned up all of the worthless data we were storing and bought back that capacity?  Seriously, at least 70 percent of the data we are storing is a combination of archival data that belongs on tape, not on flash or disk, and contraband, orphan and copy data that can be greatly reduced through good data hygiene.  Some would say that those kinds of thoughts are instances of second guessing, buyer’s remorse, premarital jitters even.  I say they are sensible and that we ought to heed them before we go out and buy new stuff.

I was reminded of that when I ran across my friend of decades, Ken Barth, at IBM Edge 2016.  Ken is currently honcho-ing up Catalogic Software, whose flagship product cleans up the mess left by data protection processes that generate and leave in their wake ceaseless copies of data, for protection or sharing, filling our precious storage capacity.  I was delighted when Ken agreed to do an interview with me to post here.  After listening to what he had to say, I am sure you will find him to be a treat — perhaps so sweet that his copy management software will move you from sugar crash to sugar rush!


Catalogic is an IBM Business Partner.  Their former CEO, Ed Walsh, recently moved over to IBM to assume a senior position in storage there, so Ken, a major investor and former CEO of companies like Tek Tools, stepped into the management role.  Expect great things from this energetic evangelist in the days ahead.

Thank you to IBM for having me as a guest at their soiree.  They covered my transportation and lodging at IBM Edge 2016, and remunerated me for live tweeting their general sessions.  This video blog is my own work and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Big Blue.



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