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IBM’s Dickens Offers Mainframe in the Cloud

by Administrator on May 23, 2017

Following up on this year’s IBM Interconnect conference, where I was provided guest accommodations and credentials for the show in exchange for some live blogging and tweeting, are a series of video interviews I shot with IBM folks at the event.  Leading things off is a chat that I had with smart guy and friend of the blog, Steven P. Dickens, Global Offering Manager – zCloud.

Steven is an effective advocate for zCloud, an initiative at IBM to provide mainframe computing capability in a cloud service delivery model.  He says that uptake on the service is building a lot of momentum.



Thanks for your input, Steven.  And, at last, the search for the next James Bond may be over…

For the record, this vblog was shot as part of a contract with IBM to conduct interviews with IBM personnel.  While the contents have been approved by IBM and by the speaker, the nature of the interview and the questions themselves were ours.

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