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IBM’s Janowski Defines and Differentiates Software-Defined Infrastructure

by Administrator on May 23, 2017

At this year’s IBM InterConnect conference, we had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing IBM’s Rick Janowski, a Portfolio Manager for IBM’s Software-Defined Infrastructure business.  We took the opportunity to get some clarifications, from IBM’s perspective, of what SDI and SDS (software-defined storage) really are and how IBM’s variant is differentiated from other approaches to the technology model in the market today.  We were well schooled by the end of the brief talk.

Special thanks to Rick for granting us the interview and for approving the final result so quickly.





This video blog was shot as part of a work contract with IBM. While contents were approved by IBM, no edits were requested or made to the content by IBM. We were granted lodging and registration at the event in exchange for this work.

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