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IBM’s Clod Barerra Opines On the Future of Storage

by Administrator on May 23, 2017

One of the distinct pleasures of doing these “man in the street” interviews at IBM events is that sometimes the man in the street is Clod Barerra.  Clod is a Distinguished Engineer and Chief Technical Strategist for Big Blue and a truly smart guy who makes himself accessible (meaning, he sticks his neck out) for “forward looking” Q&A.  A lot of folks find such interviews intimidating and potentially career-limiting, especially given the long memory of the Internet machine.

Anyway, this is our second — or third — interview with Clod.  And as always, he managed to intrigue and to disrupt a bit of the convenient bead we thought we had on where things were going in storage.



Thanks to Clod and to IBM for agreeing to this interview (and for not altering in any way our edit of the result).  This video blog was created under a work agreement with IBM in exchange for lodging and free registration at the IBM InterConnect 2017 conference.  We also received a stipend for live tweeting and blogging from the event.  However, the work was entirely ours and was not edited by IBM. 

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