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Tape Continues to Shine at IBM: Calline Sanchez

by Administrator on May 23, 2017

Regular readers of this blog know our view of tape — namely that it has a long runway ahead because of its capacity, durability and cost metrics.  Anyone who says otherwise is a fool.  Anyone who works for a silicon or disk storage vendor and says otherwise is a damned fool.

Now that this is off our chest, we were delighted to meet up with Calline Sanchez, a VP at IBM Enterprise Systems Storage and to interview her with respect to, among other things, her view of tape technology.  Sanchez spoke last year at Fujifilm’s Tape Power Summit, where we thoroughly enjoyed her mash-up of technical information and life history.  She is one of those savant geeks who became a shining star in a world class technology company and her insights into the business of storage are quite profound.

Here then is a brief interview with Calline, focused especially on the on-going case for tape technology in the current mix of what is affectionately referred to as “enterprise storage.”  It was shot at IBM InterConnect 2017 a little over a month ago and has not been edited by either Ms. Sanchez or IBM.




For the record, this video interview was produced as compensated work.  IBM covered our registration fees and lodging at IBM InterConnect 2017.  We also received a stipend for live tweeting and blogging from the show.  (Great work when you can get it!)  IBM did not edit the results of this interview.

We hear that IBM is altering their approach to conferences in the next year.  We hope that opportunities will still be provided for open discussions with IBM executives at whatever events are held.  Thanks, Calline!

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