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Cognitive Data Management is Gaining Attention

by Administrator on May 23, 2017

Readers of this blog know of our special interest in Cognitive Data Management.  We coined the term to combine the technologies of data management with the capabilities for automation enabled by various flavors of cognitive computing.  Frankly, at the current rates of data growth, we are going to need all of the cognitive engines we can develop to wrangle all of the bits.

Apparently, we are not alone in this thinking.  We have thus far provided three web-based workshops on Cognitive Data Management with 1105 Media and Virtualization Review in the past nine months — each to registered guests numbering in excess of 800 people.  These dear souls have logged in at 8:30AM PT and stayed all day, until 3 or 4PM to listen to our views of a data management practice together with great presentations from the likes of Strongbox Data Solutions, Caringo, and Acronis.

I was delighted at this year’s IBM InterConnect 2017 to meet Albert Ho, who is the Director of Offering Management for Data Protection and Storage Management at Big Blue.  He is also the guy who has been tapped to pull together the threads of various technologies in the IBM portfolio in order to put together a Cognitive Data Management service or product, IBM style.  I will be fascinated to see where his ideas, shared in this interview, will lead.  Worth a close listen…




Special thanks to Albert for the interview and thank you to IBM for having us out at this year’s IBM InterConnect 2017.  For the record, we were compensated for live tweeting and blogging from the event and received transportation and lodging, as well as registration for the show, in exchange for our work.  IBM did not edit our blogs, tweets or vblogs in any way.

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