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As Summer Winds to an End…

by Administrator on August 11, 2017

Summer 2017 was a very wet one here in Florida.  We took the edges of two tropical storms, with minor damage from the first.  But, thus far, the government predictions of a comparatively mild hurricane season have been spot on in the Atlantic and Gulf.

I am worried, however, that folks are playing the odds too much in the state government here.  Apparently, some influential home builders are bristling at the hurricane protection they must add to their buildings.  Following Hurricane Andrew, Florida became a poster child for hurricane-proof building codes.  But we haven’t taken a major hit since then.  Now, the commission that oversees such matters has gotten a green light to soften the code and to allow the construction once again of housing and other buildings made from straw and twigs (as in the old bedtime story about three little pigs).  Stupid is as stupid does.

Fortunately, my home and office both have roofs with hurricane straps and other safeguards.  Now, if the electrical grid here could be hardened…

At the beginning of the summer, I had a Tripp Lite UPS explode in my office, taking out a couple of small servers and starting a fire that was quickly extinguished.  I can’t be sure about the root cause, since myriad other systems and UPS systems were unscathed.  I was able to survive the event in part because I use DataCore and mirror all of my data across different virtualized repositories. Failover worked like a charm.  Good job, DataCore.

In addition to tracking DataCore’s continuing improvements in performance (with its Adaptive Parallel IO technology spearheading the way), I am also tracking a number of other vendors and technologies that I will be reporting on here in the coming months.  

IBM has announced yet another capacity breakthrough with LTO 7 tape that we will be hearing more about shortly.  HERE is an article based on their latest release.  Working with Fujifilm, IBM demonstrated a phenomenal per LTO cartridge capacity of over 150TB a couple of years back.  Now, they have worked with Sony on a sputter coated version of the tape and a new read/write head that is capable of delivering 330TB uncompressed on LTO 7.  Pretty amazing and just in time for the Zetabyte apocalypse.

Of course, tape media capacity isn’t going to solve all of the world’s problems.  We also need disk and memory based storage.  I am watching cool things happening at Symbolic IO and StarWind Software for some cool enterprise storage plays going forward.  Just as important as the hardware is the software, where cognitive data management players are beginning to show up.  I like StrongBox Data Solutions StrongLink right now, but I am expecting more competition going forward from IBM (of course) and also from Primary Data.  These companies seem to get real cognitive data management and are developing architecture that delivers on the marketecture.

Stay tuned.  We are working diligently here to prepare our third day long web workshop and certification on data management for this fall, and we are working on some other projects that I can’t talk about now.

Thanks to my friends who nagged me via email to start posting again.  I was afraid that the blogosphere had fallen prey to the 160 character (Twitter) attention span.

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