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IBM Says Tape Is Required to Handle Zettabytes of New Data

by Administrator on October 10, 2017

We’ve been talking about a coming Zettabyte Apocalypse for awhile now.  Cloud operators tell us that they are very concerned about how they will store all the bits — given the manufacturing limitations of current flash and disk storage vendors.  Tape, it appears, is an important part of the solution.

IBM offers enterprise tape, aka Jaguar, but today it is talking about the next generation of LTO technology, LTO-8.  Per the roadmap:

Here is the opening part of our meeting with IBM big brains in Tucson, AZ.  Big Blue allowed us to record the meeting for all to see.  We published the full 20 minute version in the previous post.  Now, we will publish individual segments for those with time constraints.

Special thanks to IBM for this opportunity to pick their brains.


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