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Security Concerns May Be Helping To Drive Tape Technology

by Administrator on October 10, 2017

It seems like we can’t pick up a newspaper or visit an online aggregator without encountering yet another tale of data security gone wrong.  Whether its a virus, a phish, or a ransomware attack, we are seeing a lot of “the dark side” of the Internet these days.

So, information security is front and center for a lot of IT pros today and the hunt is on for more resilient countermeasures against security threats.  Tape storage may be just the thing to reduce the IT attack surface according to IBM experts in Tucson, AZ.  Here’s their take on how the tape “air gap” and pervasive encryption could help thwart the bad guys and keep your data safe.  Have a look:


Thanks again to Calline, Lee, Tony and Ed for their insights.  If readers want more information about information security and tape technology, feel free to visit the Data Management Institute website, rebooting and re-launching today.

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