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Tape Skills Gap? Say It Isn’t So

by Administrator on October 10, 2017

For all the enthusiasm around tape technology that we encountered during our visit to IBM’s Executive Briefing Center in Tucson, AZ, we worried that there might be an impediment to the uptake of tape technology in the form of a lack of training. 

We wrote about this some time back:  after presenting a DMI certification course in data protection and disaster recovery in London, a fellow came up to us and said that he had never heard of this “tape technology” we had referenced in the coursework.  “It sounds like something that could really help with some of the problems we have today.”

Turned out that the fellow, a virtualization administrator trained at the knee of VMware, had never heard of tape.  We worried that this might be the death knell for the technology, but IBM thinks otherwise.  Tony, Calline and Ed gave us their view of the situation in this video.


Thanks again to IBM for having us out to the Tucson, AZ Executive Briefing Center to learn more about IBM’s innovations in tape technology, underscored by today’s announcement of LTO-8 technology support.

And, by the way, the Data Management Institute is working on a storage foundations training program anyway for all the virtualization administrators who need to expand their knowledge of storage technology.

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