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No H8 for LTO-8

by Administrator on October 10, 2017

Okay.  We admit it.  We like tape on this blog.  Tape solves a ton of problems efficiently and cost-effectively.  Tape is green.  It has a lot of capacity — especially the latest enterprise and LTO varieties — and it is getting bigger.  Tape is resilient.  It provides an air gap to prevent the spread of malware and viruses.  Tape’s performance is more than adequate for workloads like archiving and backup and it will likely come into greater use as a cloud seeding mechanism in the future.  Bottom line:  tape is great.  No H8 for Tape here.

Those are some of the reasons why we were delighted to be invited by IBM to their Executive Briefing Center in Tucson, AZ to get a preview of the announcement, made today, of their forthcoming LTO-8 tape drive and technology.  Here are their comments:


This is the final segment of a longer video we shot at IBM Tucson, featuring Calline Sanchez, Tony Pearson, Lee Jesionowski, and Ed Childers.  You can see all of the segments here or at the new and improved Data Management Institute website, which is rebooting today.

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