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StorONE: The Vendor to See at VMworld…or anywhere else

by Administrator on August 27, 2018

Okay.  So, I stated in the previous post that I wasn’t going to VMworld this year.  I gave a long winded explanation of my reasoning and even brought in a Kardashian reference to boost blog hit counts.

Now, for the serious stuff.  If I were going to VMworld, one company I would be sure to visit is StorONE.  A link to their info and booth number are here, thanks to Mark Smith at JPR Communications.

Note that StorONE is not paying me to promote their booth at the show.  My reasons for getting behind their efforts to mainstream a new software-defined storage technology are two-fold.  First, it seems like it is pretty close to fulfilling the original vision of software-defined before it was coopted by vendors with proprietary interests who wrapped silo’s in the flag of “open software-defined.”  Second, because this tech comes from an old friend of mine in the storage industry, Gal Naor, whose last venture into the market was a technology called StorWize, providing wire speed data compression.  IBM bought that company and made Gal rich, I suppose.  He went silent for 7 years as he and his team developed 50 patents  and launched this new venture, StorONE.  

Gal Naor and Margaret Toigo doing mike checks.

I got to see it in action and to interview Gal for posterity.  Here is the interview divided into clips.  (I will post them three clips per post.)  Thanks to Naor and to Mark Smith for helping to coordinate this interview.







 The next posts continue this interview. Stay tuned.

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